ROBO Dialing Campaigns

Services Offered

Broadcast your message to a list of phone numbers Send “press-1” type poll to a list of phone numbers Send message to a phone list and allow respondents to “press 1 to speak with an agent”

How Organizations Use Our Services

  • Absentee ballot reminder calls
  • Campaign fund-raiser reminders
  • Publicize an upcoming town hall
  • Notify ticket holders of a last-minute venue change or event cancellation
  • Notify community of a school closure
  • Tell voters about your web site
  • Broadcast last-minute voting instructions
  • ID likely voter using an automated poll
  • Mobilize supporters to show up for a rally
  • Increase attendance at community meetings
  • Get supporters to show up for a campaign event
  • Let parents and fans know where they need to be to show support for your school or organization
  • Conduct polls to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign’s message
  • Conduct polls to ask supporters if they want a yard sign
  • Phone banking campaign with “press-1 to speak with an agent” support
  • Send a call out for volunteers


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