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Finally, marketing and transactional emails together

Feature Packed

Email Marketing Software FeaturesPowerful features for composing, sending, and tracking mass email marketing campaigns.
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10 Reasons to Use Livebizops Email Marketing

Ten Reasons to Use JangoMail for Personalized Email MarketingTen reasons why Livebizops  is the professional email marketer’s tool of choice.

Extreme Email Delivery

Email Deliverability FeaturesA plethora of business email marketing tools and programs to ensure your email gets to the Inbox.

Documentation and Videos

Email Marketing Software TutorialsDetailed documentation and video tutorials to make learning Livebizopss email marketing software a snap.

Database Connectivity

Database ConnectivityNo need to export/import data. Connect to almost any database, anywhere.

Competitive Pricing

JangoMail Email Marketing Software PricingEnterprise level personalized email marketing software, priced for small businesses.