Medical Bill Collection


As a medical billing company with many years experience, Livebizops can efficiently manage your medical billing and collections. Our medical billing process ensures that you receive timely reimbursement, ultimately affecting your bottom line, cash flow and the opportunity cost of uncollected revenues.

Value Added Solution to Meet Your Billing Requirements

Livebizops understands the importance of medical billing and collections as well as its individual components such as verification, authorization and coding in making this process successful. To provide a value added solution to your billing and collection activity, we realize we must be able to provide you with improved cash flow and cost savings. That is exactly what we provide you by utilizing our international resources. We provide medical billing services for practices of all sizes including individual physicians, physician groups, multi specialty groups, surgical centers, clinics, free standing diagnostic facilities, long term care facilities, acute care facilities, hospitals and many more.

What Make Us Different

  • Professional billing team for assistance
  • We have the potential to undertake any type of project
  • Have years of experience and proficiency in the field of medical billing and collections
  • We use the latest medical billing software such as Lytec, Medic, Misys, Medisoft, Inception, NextGen and IDX

Medical Billing CollectionSummary of Complete Financial Cycle

  • Enrollment into the billing system
    • Demographic information
    • Insurance information
  • Verification
    • Insurance verifications
    • Authorizations
  • Coding
  • Billing and Reconciling of Accounts
    • Charge entry
    • Cash posting
    • Reconciliation
  • Accounts Receivable Collections
    • Insurance collection
    • Patient collection
    • AR follow up and collections

Depending on your requirement, we can provide both electronic and paper claim processing.

Features of Our

Medical Billing Services

  • Flexibility in using billing software
  • High level of security and confidentiality for your data
  • Weekly and monthly reports on productivity, projections, procedure code analysis and global pending problems
  • Customized turnaround time
  • Competitive pricing with 30 – 40% cost savings

We offer a FREE billing analysis to every potential client. For more information about our medical billing and collection services, call our toll free number at 1-888-545-8611.