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Technology Consulting – Information Technology Consultant

Livebizops is an Atlanta  IT services and an information technology consultant company that offers a vast array of  IT professional services including information technology optimization, information technology support as well as information technology consulting and technology managed services. We are a Atlanta technology consulting company specializing in the implementation of information technology optimization as well as providing exceptional information technology professional services. We have the knowledge, experience, expertise and technology consulting to expedite solutions to navigate the treacherous waters of the IT field.

We know that technology consulting is very much a necessary part of doing business in this day and age so we strive to make every moment count. The keys to our success as an information technology consultant, and ultimately your success is a combination of our engineers and technicians, our partnerships with industry leading companies, and our true passion for our work that keeps us leading the technology curve.

Being an Atlanta information technology consultant, we take technology consulting very serious, our well qualified technicians and engineers come from a pool of some of the most talented and diligent IT professionals in the industry. They have earned accreditations and certifications from industry heavy hitters such as HP, Microsoft, Symantex, Cisco, Sonicwall, Citrix, VMWare and more. This allows us to offer the outstanding IT on-site support that you should expect from a leading IT consultant company. The dedicated professionals here at Livebizops have the technical acumen and experience needed to troubleshoot situations and maintain the health of your applications and costly systems.

To be a great information technology consultant we understand the critical nature of your IT network being available at all times. Downtime or poor performance out of your network signifies a loss in revenue. In our quest to offer exemplary customer service and system reliability Livebizops has partnered with industry leaders such as HP, Dell, Sonicwall, Microsoft, Citrix, and VMWare. This gives us an extensive array of tools to assure that our technology consulting is fast and efficient, with the focus being on technology optimization.

We want to be more than just an information technology consultant. Part of our passion for our industry includes our passion for promoting environmental responsibility. Livebizops is constantly looking for and discovering green technology solutions that we can incorporate with our technology consulting, which reflect the saving resources while gaining efficiency with the outcome of lowering a company’s carbon footprint. Rarely do you stumble upon scenarios where all parties involved can prosper and you can believe that this is definitely a scenario we will continue to exploit. We have enacted Livebizops Green Initiatives which all serve toward this goal.

We love calling Atlanta our home. Being an information technology consultant we are privileged to shake hands and rub shoulders with industry movers and shakers and love to contribute to that growth. Livebizops has a foundation built on the talent and diligence of our staff and has earned rock solid reputation as a steadfast source for reliable and economical IT solutions.