Open Source Software

Open Source Software

Traditionally there have been three types of enterprise software

  • Custom Developed: Custom developed solutions are generally created to match specific business processes. These solutions offer a high level of flexibility but at a significant cost.
  • Off-the-shelf: Sometimes called “boxed software”, off-the-shelf solutions are very generic. Often business processes must be fit to the software’s features and functionality and integration of multiple off-the-shelf products is difficult and generally unsupported. Low cost options translate to least flexible solutions.
  • Open Source: Open source software provides the lowest cost of entry – often no cost at all. Unfortunately, in deploying an open source solution, the soft costs typically add up fast as there is little or no support and every facet of the deployment falls upon an organization’s internal staff. Open source offers similar flexibility to custom developed solutions at much lower costs, but only available to companies with internal technology staff (and usually developers).

    Enter Commercial Open Source

    Commercial Open Source is a simple concept – a brick-and-mortar company offers support and training for an open source software product. Often the company will charge for their services on a subscription model or offer a both a commercially support version and a community support version of their products. The commercial version typically adds advanced features.

    This model provides companies an option to realize the advantages of open source without having to rely on a loose-knit community of developers for support.

    Better Products Through Collaboration

    The transition to commercial open source has resulted in a new breed of enterprise software products. Instead of offering features defined and created by a single software vendor, commercial open source applications get features from thousands of companies and developers that represent actual users of the products. The communities that began this revolution are very active in driving commercial open source and that collaboration is leading to superior products.

    Livebizops Is Your Open Source Partner

    Livebizops has experience working with a vast array of open source projects addressing many common business needs: office & produtivity, e-mail/messaging/collaboration, accounting, ERP, CRM, human resources, project management and many more. We can help select, implement, integrate, extend and support open source projects.