Custom System Design and Intergration

Custom Design and Integration Services

Delivering Solutions for Unique Business Needs
We deliver high-quality solutions that meet your unique business requirements, regardless of whether you are extending and enhancing an existing solution or building an entirely new application. Through this portfolio of offerings we provide these critical services:

  • Development solutions – Provides your business with the customer-specific solutions they need to address their unique business requirements
  • Adaptable custom solutions – Offers firms  previously developed, proven industry solutions as a starting point for addressing their business challenges
  • Support for custom-developed solutions – Helps firms safeguard custom solutions across the entire life cycle by minimizing risk and insuring maximum performance
Cost Guidelines:Full Service – contact us.
We design your entire site from scratch and integrate with our software solution.Existing Design
We code one of our existing templates to your specifications.
Enhancements or new functionality outside of current service offerings  – contact us. Quality Guarantee
Your custom site is guaranteed to work with the web’s most popular browsers including Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera.Turn Around
We aim to turn around each project within thirty days and frequently deliver well under that.Costs & Payments
Don’t worry about inflated hourly design rates. We charge per project not per hour. This helps you budget in advance as there’s never any question as to what the final charge will be.

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