Call Center Design and Implementation

Contact Center Architecture – No Need for Forklift Overhauls … Use your Existing Assets

To support your company’s mission and metrics, the goal for your contact center should be one that is fully optimized – one that saves money on the costs of agents, hardware, software and facilities, while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. And this needs to be continually realized over time, as infrastructure, capabilities and demands evolve over generations of technology.

This can only be achieved with a proper architecture: one that is modularized so that components can be upgraded as technologies change, without having to rebuild the entire edifice. For example, the shift to a “virtual” contact center – in which many of your agents work remotely.

You may have disparate systems in your contact center that do not all properly work together. We know what a contact center should look like and the best way to leverage what you have and create a fully optimized environment.

Architecting complex systems for manageable growth and technological change is a sophisticated process, requiring significant expertise and experience. Livebizops’s experts can evaluate your existing infrastructure and provide your organization with a properly architected roadmap into the future.

What Livebizops Provides:

  • Over 20 years of contact center expertise in building contact centers
  • The ability to integrate disparate systems and make them work together
  • A review of your current infrastructure and roadmap for future flexible solutions
  • Expertise based on your unique business needs to create a unique contact center solution